FIXD + RepairPal Case Study


FIXD increases average monthly repairs by 93% with RepairPal

Based on RepairPal referrals average per month from 2019-2022.

FIXD was seeking a solution for their customers in finding nearby quality auto repair shops that could ingrate with the FIXD mobile app. They also needed a solution for referral shops when customers called into the FIXD Mechanic’s Hotline. FIXD found that RepairPal’s Certified network of over 3,000 high quality repair shops could take their mobile app solution to the next level. 

Taking partnership solutions to the next level

FIXD works by installing an OBDII device to a customer’s OBDII port, and syncs with the FIXD mobile app on the subscriber’s phone to provide information on their vehicle’s health and trouble codes.

The FIXD app nurtures their leads through the app and Mechanic’s Hotline by having the ability for customers to book an appointment nearby in just a few easy steps using RepairPal’s API integration.

FIXD Mechanic’s Hotline experts also have the ability to book appointment for customers using RepairPal’s custom Shop Lookup Tool to ensure consumers are being matched with the right shop for them.

Integration 101


The solution for integrating RepairPal’s shop network to the FIXD mobile app, as well as several other solutions involved six phases.

  1. FIXD integrates and launches RepairPal as part of the app.
  2. FIXD updates integration to use Telematics API with scheduling in the mobile app.
  3. RepairPal creates consumer landing page for FIXD so customers have another way to book appointments online.
  4. FIXD launches Mechanic’s Hotline, so FIXD can book appointments for premium subscribers using custom Shop Lookup Tool.
  5. FIXD integrates RepairPal into high traffic blog posts on their website.
  6. FIXD begins utilizing co-branded graphics created by RepairPal on blog posts and other content.

Average monthly repairs, 2019-2022

Total repairs per integration phase 2019-2022

FIXD has continuously integrated RepairPal into high traffic blog posts on their website. This has resulted in 640 leads and 181 repairs from 2021-2022.


Having used RepairPal on a daily basis for almost two years, I have to say it’s one of the most valuable tools to us. Being able to refer one of our customers in need to a qualified shop anywhere in the country is priceless.

The ability to narrow down the shop's specialties is without a doubt one of the most useful aspects of the program for us. Send the customer to the right shop the first time. It really helps for a customer that may not have a shop or someone that is on a roadtrip across the country to be able to send them to a shop where they will get it fixed with professionalism and courtesy, giving our customers an extra sense of security.

Partnering with RepairPal!

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