KeySavvy + RepairPal Partnership Consumer Blog Series


We are thrilled to announce a new blog series with KeySavvy! The 4-part series will be released once a month, starting in July 2022. There are plenty of opportunities to help consumers through sharing information about buying and selling vehicles through private sellers, and how to protect from fraudulent transactions.

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The 4-part series will be posted on the RepairPal Blog site, and is cross-promoted through social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. RepairPal will track all web activity and report back to our partner, KeySavvy.

Buying a Used Car? Conduct a License Plate/VIN Check

How to Avoid Buying a Car with Flood Damage

How to Sell Your Car Online

Should You Buy a Car With a Title Lien?

RepairPal’s Facebook Post

KeySavvy’s LinkedIn Post

Through cross-promotion on social media, we gain exposure of both brands. In addition, the article was optimized for Search Engine Optimization, with several links within the article to help the article pull up in search now, and in the future.

Some partners go even further to cross-promote by adding the article to their blog as well. For example, our partner, Spiffy, asked RepairPal to be guest author on their blog.

Spiffy Co-Branded Blog Article with RepairPal

The article How to Keep your Car Reliable and Safe Without Breaking the Bank was added to Spiffy’s blog website on February 24, and was cross promoted on Spiffy and RepairPal’s social media.

Example of Spiffy, partner, cross promoting the article post on LinkedIn
Example of RepairPal cross-promoting Spiffy’s blog on Facebook

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