RepairPal and Team Up to Provide Automotive Techs with Quick Access to Vehicle & Repair Info


San Francisco, CARepairPal, the largest trusted auto repair network for high quality and fair prices, has teamed up with, the first mobile APP to provide full vehicle repair content on a smartphone. CYTK empowers automotive technicians to access a wide range of Automotive repair and parts information, through keyword search, touch or voice (hands-free) by the vehicle, in the bay or on the road.

RepairPal offers a stress-free, time-saving method of obtaining all the relevant information conscientious consumers need. The company provides impartial, fair price estimates, auto shop directory, and expert insights and advice from certified mechanics.

With CYTK Smart Search™, technicians use their smartphones to access repair content, rather than looking up and printing a Wiring Diagram, TSB, or Procedure from a desktop or laptop. CYTK provides quick access to service and repair information with the CYTK Smart Search App., available in both iOS and Android stores. Through this partnership, RepairPal Certified Shops will receive a special offer when they schedule a demo with CYTK.

“We are excited to partner with CYTK, who has disrupted the industry with their breakthrough technology of providing automotive service and repair content right at technician’s fingertips. 99.6% of automotive technicians own a smartphone, and naturally, have shifted to look up information on a phone rather than walking away from the bay to do research on a desktop or even a laptop. RepairPal’s Certified Network has a reputation for using the latest technology and highest quality tools to perform their work, and we feel that CYTK’s mobile App. is an asset to uphold this reputation in the industry.”

Kathleen Long, CRO at RepairPal

The RepairPal Certified Network consists of 3,000+ trusted shops and dealers nationwide that have undergone our rigorous certification process. Through this process, we can guarantee these shops are expertly staffed, trained in the latest technologies, use high-quality tools and parts, and warranty their work. RepairPal’s partnership with CYTK is the perfect solution as technicians can retrieve automotive repair information quickly to help them do their work faster and with greater accuracy.

“Our partnership with RepairPal and their tireless pursuit of best practices in and out of the Bay, is an affirmation of CYTK’s value to both Independent Repair Facilities and Dealerships. For years, the process of Automotive Technicians looking up and recording information at a desktop or laptop has been time consuming and expensive. CYTK Smart Search™ is the first comprehensive, friction less mobile Repair Search that will truly make a difference with RepairPal certified shop and dealership network’s bottom line.”

Bryan Levenson, CEO of CYTK

CYTK is the first mobile application for automotive repair. The next leap forward in machine learning powered mobile applications, CYTK’s touch and voice search technology provides quick access to vehicle service and repair information.

  • Get answers to automotive questions in seconds
  • With CYTK Smart Search™ technicians don’t have to move from the vehicle
  • Access to OEM wiring diagrams with pinch and zoom and print features
  • Access to TSBs and DTC procedures
  • Access to Parts & Labor estimates, OEM Part #’s and MSRP in seconds
  • Videos, illustrations and many other guides all with the touch of your finger

About CYTK

CYTK delivers OEM repair procedures, technical specifications (DTCs, wiring diagrams and technical service bulletins) and parts information with crowd-sourced “most viewed” YouTube videos, driving Automotive Technicians to new levels of productivity and quality. In service bays and on the road, new and experienced Technicians navigate through many software and data applications to repair all types of vehicles. CYTK is establishing itself as the market leader in addressing this rapidly growing market for repair information on demand anywhere. Learn more at

About RepairPal

Established in 2007, RepairPal connects consumers with certified trustworthy mechanics throughout the US. Large trusted companies including USAA, CarMax, and Consumer Reports send their members and customers to RepairPal Certified shops, knowing they will get high-quality repairs at a fair price. More information is available at

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